"Baaba's Footsteps"
will be on at the VAULT Festival next year (10-15th March 2020, 19:20, matinee on Sunday 15th March, 16:30)

by Susan Momoko Hingley
Directed by Ragga Dahl Johansen
Co-Produced by Filip Krenus (Honey-tongued Theatre Productions)

Sound Designed by Guy Connelly

Set and Costume designed by Hannah Kuchar

Cast: TBC

Supported by Arts Council England.

Official selection of the Japan-UK Season of Culture.

Set in Tokyo in 2020 and San Francisco between 1919-1942, stories of migration, love and belonging are intertwined for two generations of women.

Yu is 39, career-driven but recently fired and she resents the pressure that society puts on her to marry. Sick of the patriarchy, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and learns about her great-grandmother Takako - a Picture Bride, who sailed to America to marry a man she had never met, with only a photo to recognise him by. Takako’s family later gets torn apart in the WW2 internment camps - a phenomenon that traumatised generations of Japanese-Americans in the US. Can Takako’s brave story teach Yu about her own life and help her carve out a better future?

The hardships that Japanese-Americans experienced living in a land that both welcomed and resented them is hardly remembered. In a time, where immigration camps are being built once again, we want audiences to critically reflect on how immigration issues tend to resurface generation after generation and ask why this is happening.

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